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Mission, vision and strategy

World-class European port

11 May 2021
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The Port of Rotterdam Authority is an autonomous company with two shareholders, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Dutch state, established to develop the port of Rotterdam.


The Port of Rotterdam Authority creates economic and social value by working with customers and stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth in the world-class port.


We continually improve the port of Rotterdam to make it the safest, most efficient and most sustainable port in the world. We create value for our customers by developing logistics chains, networks and clusters, in both Europe and growth markets worldwide. As an enterprising port developer, the Port Authority is the partner for world-class clients. In this way, we are also strengthening the competitive position of the Netherlands.


We will be focusing on three key areas in the years to come:

  • Smart partner in logistics chains
  • Accelerator of sustainability in the port
  • Enterprising and impactful organisation

Targeting these areas will be possible only if our fundamentals are in order and, moreover, world-class.

Smart partner in logistics chains

As a ‘smart partner in logistics chains’, we recognise the importance of non-physical factors in the competitive position and we choose to play a role in making information available. By doing so, we aim to ensure that our logistics clients continue to choose Rotterdam.

Our commitment as a smart partner in logistics chains is designed to lead to an increase in the overall margin and the margin per container, as well as in the cargo volume and our market share, and ensure that we achieve a carbon reduction in logistics chains.

Accelerator of sustainability in the port

As an ‘accelerator of sustainability in the port’, we generate value by taking on new roles as a project developer and investor.

Our commitment to accelerating sustainability in the port is designed to lead to a carbon reduction of -49% by 2030 with respect to the 1990 level. We will then be on the road to carbon neutrality in 2050, we will be able to attract future-proof cargo flows and activities, and we will be in a position to invest profitably in sustainability.

Enterprising and impactful organisation

The increasing complexity of our activities – in a playing field with more and more parties and taking the desired pace of throughput into account – requires an enterprising and effective organisation. That is why we have such stringent demands in terms of effectiveness and client focus. An interdisciplinary approach, good internal and external collaboration, and a clear focus help to make this happen.

Our commitment to being an enterprising and decisive organisation is designed to lead to further improvements in the quality and flexibility of the organisation, as well as the control of operational costs and capital expenditure, and further increase the customer orientation and effectiveness of the organisation.