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The mix of industry and nature make the port a unique area. Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find so much activity in one location. There are, of course, the ships: huge in size and rich in features. There is also the expansive nature, which is home to dozens of animals and plants. Hundreds of commuters, tourists and day trippers visit the port every day. Come and discover the port too!


You can't get any closer to a new piece of the Netherlands and a port under construction than this. Information Centre FutureLand allows visitors to discover the many aspects of the construction of a new port. Entrance to FutureLand is free for anyone who is curious about Maasvlakte 2 and who is not afraid to experience the construction of this historic land reclamation in person.

Public filming and photography locations in the port

Photographers and filmmakers are free to take images in numerous public areas in the Port of Rotterdam. All ‘hotspots’ are clearly stated on this map. Please take care when taking photographs and filming. Please also adhere to all traffic and other guidelines.
When taking photos and film footage of and on industrial sites, make sure you request permission from the industrial site itself.

Spotting cruise ships

The cruise ships that dock in Rotterdam are among the largest and most important in the world. Every time a unique one arrives at the port, enthusiasts from around the country come to the quay.

Unique work of art at Maasvlakte 2

Anyone visiting Maasvlakte Beach cannot fail to notice the work ‘Zandwacht’. Covering a surface of 20 by 40 metres and stretching 12 metres tall, this impressive object marks the end of construction work on Maasvlakte 2. The ‘Zandwacht’ consists of a number of concrete arches that show the trajectory of spraying sand. The work is illuminated at night. The ‘Zandwacht’ is easy to access via a footpath from the parking lot of Maasvlakte 2’s leisure beach.

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