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11 May 2021
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The port of Rotterdam is a major logistics link for the import, export and transhipment of chemicals to and from Europe. The port of Rotterdam not only has its own large petrochemical industry which produces and uses basic chemicals and semi-finished products, but it is also a transit port for chemicals to and from Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia.

More than 45 chemical companies

Five oil refineries and more than 45 chemical companies are located in the port of Rotterdam. The presence of this large petrochemical cluster makes the port of Rotterdam an important import and export port for chemicals. Large-scale use and production of chemical feedstock, basic chemicals and semi-finished products come together here. This ensures economies of scale in transport, storage and transhipment.

Storage and transhipment of chemicals

Tank terminals play a crucial part in the supply of and trade in storage and transhipment of chemicals, from commodity chemicals to specialty chemicals. Independent tank terminals in the port of Rotterdam have a total tank storage capacity of almost 3 million m3 for diverse chemical products. Here, seagoing vessels can load and unload, and chemicals of producers and users are stored in the right conditions. Furthermore, the tank terminals are often connected to the industries in the port via pipelines and they have facilities for loading and unloading tanker trucks, inland tankers and tank wagons. Ship-to-ship transfer is also possible at the buoys and dolphins.

Distribution of chemicals

Containers and tank containers play an increasingly important part in the transport of chemicals. In the port of Rotterdam, nine companies are specialised in storage, cleaning and maintenance of tank containers. There are also various logistics service providers in the port of Rotterdam which specialise in the storage and transport of chemicals and related services such as research, packaging, repackaging and distribution.

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Joris Hurenkamp
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